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I am a true paper lover. Ever since I was little, I have always collected paper, I couldn't (and can't) throw away a shred. I also spent a lot of money on paper. Serious money! On kilos of paper. If I see a nice color, structure or pattern, it goes home almost unnoticed. What happens to it afterwards is unpredictable. Usually it is stored with care with the other stacks and sheets. I automatically add the structure, pattern or color in my head. Then something starts in my brain that keeps moving until I have found the right application for my latest treasure. There is always something that one sheet can be used for.

It doesn't even have to be an expensive piece of paper, by the way. Even old newspapers, leftover wallpaper or the Dikke van Dale (an old-school dictionary) that has been unused for years make me happy. One way or another, it always gets a new destination. In other words, a waste to throw it away!

Recycle paper!


In the meantime, I find it quite a thing all the paper I use. I really like paper, but in these days, you also must look at where you can limit the use of paper as much as possible. Now I am 'blessed' with that I really can't throw away any piece of paper. But to prevent my collection of scraps grow excessively, I make new paper from it! And what could be more fun than being able to make small books and beautiful sets from that new paper? In this way every piece gets a second life. And that makes me happy.

And what I prefer to do? I think the best description is: to let you experience how beautiful paper is!


PS: Volka loves beautiful things and likes to share them. In my shop, products designed exclusively by or for Volka. My studio and warehouse are located in the Netherlands (Huizen) and all my products are also produced locally. 

Questions? I'd be happy to help you!
Please contact me via info@volka.nl and I will reply within 24 hours.

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